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About DTSS:

(The following is excerpted from the EXPLAIN HISTORY command on DCTS.)

In September, 1963, under the direction of mathematics professors John G. Kemeny and Thomas E. Kurtz, a project to establish a time-sharing system at Dartmouth got under way. The fruits of this project were BASIC, a simplified programming language, and a time-sharing system -- using the GE-235 and Datanet-30 computers. This system began operations in May, 1964. In 1965, Dartmouth placed off-campus terminals in secondary schools in the area. At the same time, other computer installations began to use Dartmouth's system software.

Dartmouth/GE Paper: "The Dartmouth Time-Sharing System" (1964)

The Kiewit Computing Center and the Dartmouth Time-Sharing System: brochure describing Kiewit and DTSS.

The Evolving Time-Sharing System at Dartmouth College: article from Computers and Automation, Sep. 1965.

Dartmouth Time-Sharing: article from Science, October 1968.

Multics Chronology. Timeline and mini-history spanning 1959-2000.

Dartmouth College Time-Sharing Marks a Quarter of a Century: news release from Dartmouth News, April 27th, 1989.

Nancy Broadhead provided a tape from 1974, "Reminiscences of DTSS" from Pioneer Day. Several original users/creators describe the system and tell stories. Total length is about one hour. [Part 1] | [Part 2]
These audio files are in MP3 format. Part 1 is about 33 MB, and part 2 is about 12 MB. If you have an MP3 player with streaming capability (Apple's iTunes program is one), then you can "Open Stream" and paste in (or part 2) and it will play over the Internet instead of downloading to your local machine.
Steven Hobbs has provided a transcript of this session: [PDF] (approx. 1.7 MB) | [HTML]


"Everyone a Programmer": A mini-biography of John Kemeny, by Jay Robert Hauben.

Kemeny Birthday Tribute by Akos Herman. Also available in Hungarian.
Local copies in case of broken links: [English] | [Hungarian]

(The Reminiscences audio/transcript above also provides some biographical information about many of the key members of the original DTSS team.)


"Ode to a Computer -- "G.E. 235 We Sing Thy Praises", from The Dartmouth newspaper's Kiewit Supplement, December 2, 1966.

Joe Hill found this artifact with Google: "Dartmouth Kiewit System" by The Lone Ranger
This is a 1986 BBS textphile describing the Kiewit network and DTSS from a hacker's standpoint. Contains some foul language.

These are my (Marion) session logs from the first time I ever logged on to DCTS (the later version of DTSS). I had no clue what I was doing. :)

(more coming soon...)